Let the adventure begin

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Total distance traveled = 2907 miles...other stats from the brocation to come once they are tallied

Quotes from Memphis., St. Louis and Marion, KS

"We need to find a Jenwish guy so we have a HeBro." - Brotor City
" Guess what gay thing you're doing tonight...sucking cock." - Brotor City
"No dick sucking starts in 20 minutes cause that's when the bars close in Detroit." - Brotor City
"Finding Waldo is easier than finding dicks..." - Anonymous
"I busted my face on Beale Street" - Some homeless dude
" I've seen her face as many times as I have seen her vagina"  - Bro Swanson
" That was the time I was on the drugs." Mama Bro (Legal drugs after her knee surgery)
"Dide he have the black shirt with the white sweat lines on it?" - Mama Bro

A final joke on the Brocation

Another sleepy bro

Brosa Park's final night..

A little drunk...not gonna lie...

Mama bro completes the bro shirt in Marion, KS

The bros meet up with their bro-family

The bros extend the Brocation!!!

The bros span the gap

The bros orignal seats in section 427 row JJ

The bros watch the Rams...it's game time!

 The seats were tight....

IDK why this is a pic...suggetions welcome

The bros stumble home

More shirt signings

"3 Amibros...not allowed in".....fuck that bouncer

No idea...

Lindsay Brohan finds another bridal party

Another bro moment

The bros pose

Brosa Parks is barely awake and Bro Swanson is wide awake...and creepy looking

So many drinks we get a carrying case...

Lindsay Brohan invades a bridal party

A bro finds a brah!

It was sticky..

The bros check off another city

The new bro, Brollock, signs some shirts

The bros revisit the St Louis house

Time for Missouri...the last stop

The bros travel through Arkansas quickly...because they don't do their cousins

A homeless guy and some random chick make their mark...check otu below his quote

 Homeless guy: "I got drunk and busted my ass on Beale Street."

Lindsay Brohans caps the night

Boooze is awesome...AWESOME!!!