Let the adventure begin

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Total distance traveled = 2907 miles...other stats from the brocation to come once they are tallied

Quotes from Memphis., St. Louis and Marion, KS

"We need to find a Jenwish guy so we have a HeBro." - Brotor City
" Guess what gay thing you're doing tonight...sucking cock." - Brotor City
"No dick sucking starts in 20 minutes cause that's when the bars close in Detroit." - Brotor City
"Finding Waldo is easier than finding dicks..." - Anonymous
"I busted my face on Beale Street" - Some homeless dude
" I've seen her face as many times as I have seen her vagina"  - Bro Swanson
" That was the time I was on the drugs." Mama Bro (Legal drugs after her knee surgery)
"Dide he have the black shirt with the white sweat lines on it?" - Mama Bro

A final joke on the Brocation

Another sleepy bro

Brosa Park's final night..

A little drunk...not gonna lie...

Mama bro completes the bro shirt in Marion, KS